You’re in the right place!

In case you haven’t heard this recently >>> You are a Successful Babe!

…but you don’t feel like it.

Right now you’re feeling:
-Like “Why would anyone look up to me as a role model?”
-Unclear on how to move forward towards your vision
-Stagnant in life
-Intimidated by your goals
-Overwhelmed by how big the changes ahead of you may be

That’s why I’m so THRILLED that you’re here!

If you’re:
*ready to transform yourself into the successful woman you know you can be (i.e. a role model you’d admire!)
*looking for help to gain momentum and clarity
*seeking support to bring your ideal self to life

…then the Successful Babe Bundle is for you!

Clarity + Action = Vision Accomplished

You’re searching for more, and yet you’re bold enough to change your life, you just need strategy on how

You’re here because…
+You’ve looked at your life, and realized you’re ready to go to the next level
+You want to know how to be successful (specifically, *your version* of successful)
+You have big, audacious goals that thrill you
+You have so much that you are excited to accomplish
+You’re molding yourself into the woman you want to be
+You like your life now, but you know you could love your life

You are searching for how to be more successful in life – how to simplify and refocus, so that you can take action and drive your vision forward.

You are bold enough to decide to change your life, but now you’re fighting against that feeling of overwhelm that makes it feel like you might never get there.

You’re wondering – did I bite off more than I can chew? Am I looking for too much, too fast?

Babe, we’re going to get you back on track!

Clarity + Action = Vision Accomplished

This is my goal for you. To help you create the clarity you need, to drive the right actions, so that you, too, will soon be saying “Vision Accomplished.”

In this moment, you…
*know that what you’re working on could be big, but it feels like you’re stuck in the weeds.
*are determined to grow yourself, but you don’t quite know how to be successful.
*know what you want for yourself, but getting there feels like a second full-time job.
*are doing alright in life, but you know there’d be more if you just knew how to go and get it.
*want to see yourself as a Successful Babe, but you don’t feel like one when you look in the mirror.

The Successful Babe Bundle equips you with a powerful toolkit that will empower YOU to live your life on an entirely new level – hitting bigger goals FASTER, working in an environment that ENERGIZES you, FEELING and looking your best!

Girl, whether you realize it or not, you’re already a role model to the women around you. The Successful Babe bundle is here to equip you to live it out with new levels of confidence and success.

Imagine yourself standing in the shoes of the Successful Babe you admire the most.

  • You wake up with confidence, looking and feeling your best.
  • You move forward in the world with the boldness that comes from knowing you are doing exactly what you are meant to be doing.
  • Your workspaces work for you, bringing energy rather than zapping it.
  • You have already achieved some of your biggest dreams, and you have a plan to conquer the new, bigger goals you’ve set for yourself.
  • You know how to avoid overwhelm.
  • You are a leader in your space, because those around you admire you and what you have to say.
  • You are a role model, not just driving your own success but showing other women that success is within reach.
  • Your days are productive, but also filled with time with friends and loved ones.

Now that you’ve imagined yourself as that Successful Babe, are you ready to put in the work to become your best version of her?

The Successful Babe Bundle is
Designed to Propel You Forward

I created this bundle to focus on 3 Key Areas that will support you with the structure you need to shape the life you know you want to have.

ENHANCE YOUR ATMOSPHERE – Because when you love your environment, you’ll be so much more productive!

3 resources you’ll use to get your space working FOR YOU rather than against you, so that every work session can be distraction free.

  • Chic Office Style Guide – design your best atmosphere for productivity and flow
  • “I Am Grateful” screen backgrounds – Shift any mood to a positive one with this simple reminder
  • Abundant Productivity Playlists – Keep your focus going strong

CREATE A MINDSET OF SUCCESS – We’re talking about transforming your mind to work with you, not against you!

With these resources, you’ll own your mindset, creating the mental environment you need to succeed. Because how you feel and how you think have a powerful impact on how productive you are each day.

  • Moments to Calm Experience – eliminate hectic chaos, one breath at a time, with these meditations
  • Art of Saying No Graciously and Confidently training – free up your time and lose the guilt so you can say YES to what you really want!
  • My FAVE!! Affirmations – speak out the reality you want to create
  • Loosen Up – movements you can do to relieve the tight muscles that come from sitting at a computer all day! Brought to you in collaboration with Functional Fitness Expert, Jimmy Johnson

SET YOUR GOALS AND HIT THEM – Because a Successful Babe gets things done!

You’re no longer going to worry about what to do, because with these resources you’ll set vision-oriented goals and make productivity a part of your everyday life. You’ll know exactly what you want to achieve, the steps to take to get there, and feel confident each step of the way.

  • Vision Boarding 101 – the exact steps I take to bring my biggest visions into reality
  • Most Productive Year Ever video – 3 keys to staying on top of your productivity game
  • Delegate Like a Boss Interview Series with 21 Experts – Discover how to have time freedom and be more productive than ever before

You’ll have all of the tools you need in your back pocket to know how to change your life. You’ll remove the clutter from your life and your routine, gain clarity on where you need to focus, and then build habits based on YOUR NEEDS to continue to grow to the next level, and the next. As your life becomes more and more epic, the habits you build with these tools will grow with you, so you are always ready to tackle the next, bigger, more exciting challenge.

Individually, these resources add up to hundred$ of dollars. But in the Successful Babe Bundle you get EVERYTHING for only $97!!!

You even get a 30 Day 100% money back guarantee – because I don’t want fear of losing money to stop you from getting the toolkit that will equip you to change your business!

Hey, I’m Susan!

I became a coach because I love helping women get unstuck to bring their vision to life. I’m here to help you hit your goals (on time)! With a passion for productivity (and puppies), and a knack for simplifying things, I’m known for inspiring my clients into taking life-transforming action, without overwhelm or stress. Let’s take you from To Do to Ta Da, together!!

Not sure? TRUST YOURSELF!! This is your time!
Read what some other Successful Babes have to say about tools I’ve given them.

I gotta give credit to Susan for single-handedly harassing the sh*t out of me to finally launch EXPRESS. Because of her innate ability to be such a (loving) pain in the ass and holding me accountable, I created a brand new stream of revenue in my business, and was able to shift the lives of 48 people in my Express program. Thank you babe, for being such a pain in the ass and making me do this. You know I appreciate it! You are my Tony Robbins!
~ Emily Utter,

I’m feeling almost giddy with relief that I could have it be so simple and done! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR A GAMEPLAN!!! OMWord! This is breakthrough for me for sure!
~ Shellie Raczok,

Susan is an amazing coach. As an entrepreneur, it’s so easy for me to get stuck in my own head, trying to figure out how to bring my ideas to life. Susan has a knack for helping me break down my seemingly complex ideas into a bite-sized plan – and she holds me accountable to get it done. I came to Susan when I felt stuck in my business and with her coaching and empowerment, I ran a special flash sale over a weekend and generated $2000 that I otherwise wouldn’t have generated. Not only that, but this sale gave me the confidence I needed to generate an additional $8000 over the coming month in similar flash sales. Now I feel aligned and excited by my offerings!
~ Hollie Tkac,

Just wanna give a HUGE shout out to Susan Brennan for taking the time to create a KICK ASS plan with me today. I’m feeling strong and clear and ready to manifest.
~ Tina Medina,

Susan Brennan was absolutely instrumental in guiding me through these steps to first fly to San Diego to film my testimony – and then gasp apply for a job while I was there – which led to me getting off disability after 6 years. I plan to continue to use these simple, but extremely hard!! steps in my life, and am beyond blessed to continue having Susan in my life as a friend and mentor!!!!!!!
~ Becky Robertson, author of “Living with Harley”

I’m not sure if this is right for me….

I’m going to be honest with you Babe, this isn’t for you if:

  • You don’t like taking small steps or daily action to drive growth
  • You aren’t open to changing or evolving
  • You don’t want a program that asks you to grow beyond your comfort zone
  • You’re looking for detailed, “easy” advice or “instructions”
  • You aren’t really sure if productivity or clarity are goals for you right now
  • You want to change someday…but you’re not sure when

Good News! This bundle will 100% help you if:

  • You have a strong idea of what you want, and need to know how to get there 
  • You’re driven and ready to take action today
  • You can commit to consistency if someone gives you clear actions to take
  • You know that now is YOUR TIME, you don’t want to waste another moment
  • You know that simple action can add up to incredible results

When you show me within 30 days of purchase that you completed each of the actions from Successful Babe and Inspiring Accountability – I am guaranteeing that I will give you 100% of your money back if you do not see tangible results towards your goals.