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Bonus Day: Wouldn’t it be so FUN to have a girlfriend get to experience this? I’d love to have you invite your best darlings to jump in <3 You can find all the details for sharing about this here: Or you can simply send her one of these texts – there’s still time for her to join!! #1: Hey babe! This made me think of you because I know you’ve mentioned that you sometimes find yourself feeling stuck/unclear when it comes to hitting your goals, and I *know* Susan can help you with that: #2: My girlfriend put this Successful Babe Bundle (for goal-oriented gals who want support with creating a clear action plan to get there), and I know you’ll love it!! #3: Babe!! The title alone made me think of you (obvs!), and then I saw what’s included and I KNOW you’ll want to take advantage of this opportunity to work with Susan:

When we play together, the impact is multiplied! Let’s get as many breakthroughs as possible in our time together!

Day 1: Introduction and Today’s Action! >>> Here’s the example! We will unpack this further as we go through the week. Your main focus for today is to determine what your mountain goal is (with picture of example) >>> here’s that quote: “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” ~Abraham Lincoln (I was definitely off in the numbers!! 😂😂 )

Day 2: Hey, BABES! Today’s focus is creating a clean slate so we can start this month off strong. What that looks like in the context of this group is for you to do a brain dump! There are two parts to this, and they are as follows: Part 1 = dump EVERYTHING out of your brain that’s taking up mind space (i.e. upcoming tasks, nagging thoughts, reminders of things you’ve been meaning to do but haven’t handled yet, etc.). I find it helpful to put all of these things into ONE place (I prefer a google sheet, since it’s a living document I can edit and drag/drop tasks as I adjust priorities). Once you feel you’ve gotten everything out, then comes Part 2, which is to document each of the boulder actions you believe it will take to hit your mountain goal. Remember, you can take a peek at the example image from yesterday’s video (in the comments) for what a boulder action can look like. Post your Boulder Actions in the group! We’ll continue building on this with more detail as we go through this week!!

Day 3: Today’s action is to look at your MAIN Mountain Goal – aka your most important goal you want to hit in the next 12 months – and break it down into boulders. As a simple approach, you can think of it like “which 1 boulder a month will help me hit my yearly mountain goal?” Another way of thinking about this is “what’s the ONE thing I want to accomplish this month that we’re together?” And not just any one thing – I’m talking like THE THING that would have you feel like you’re actually tracking towards your mountain goal. We’re going to hone in even further to get you super clear on something measurable, so we are able to track tangible progress – otherwise it will always feel out of reach and there’s confusion around whether we’re actually making steps forward or if we’re simply spinning. This will be a spin-free zone because you’ll be SO CLEAR on what you’re tracking towards! Once you’ve broken your mountain down into Boulder Goals, please do a post and share those in the Facebook group – and highlight for us the ONE main one you’re planning to focus on during our month together!! If you have any questions on any of this, simply ask!

Day 4: By now, I’m guessing that you’re sensing the theme….. Trust me, there’s a reason I’m keeping it SO SIMPLE to start. Mountains and boulders don’t move all at once. We move them one rock, one scoop of gravel, and one shovel of sand at a time. So, as you may have already guessed, today’s action is to determine the ROCK ACTIONS that will have your Boulder accomplished by the end of the month. Picture yourself completing approximately one Rock Action per week. At that pace, your Boulder will be done by the time our month comes to a close! Share your Rock Actions with us in a new post so we can celebrate your clarity with you!!

Day 5: It’s time for some GRAVEL ACTIONS. Yep, as you imagined, you’re doing to write out your gravel actions. Imagine that you have about one “Gravel Action” per day. Yes, it can be this simple. And yes, this IS designed to help you accomplish your Mountain Goal, even while working full time, raising a family, and/or building your life in other areas. It is totally possible! This Mountain Goal is not meant to take you out or suffocate you or cause you to give up everything else you want in order to achieve it. Let’s climb together and get you there, at least one boulder closer, during our month together! Today’s action is to figure out which pieces of gravel are going to help you accomplish your weekly rocks. So, for each “Rock” you’re going to have probably 4-7 Gravel Actions to support it. Don’t over-complicate it. Trust yourself, and know that I’ll continue to guide as we go through this month together! XO

BONUS: Ladies <3 here is the playlist I’ve been inspired by lately. It’s classical music, and it really helps me feel on top of my game. Plus, I have my sparkling water at my desk and a vanilla candle going. The mood is set 😉

BONUS: Ladies, here’s a digital version of our Mountains (broken down into Boulders, Rocks, Gravel, and Sand) to better support you in keeping these organized! Keep track of what you’re sharing as your goals, so you can cross-compare with this example and make sure you’re feeling solid with your actions!! Simply watch this quick video, and then grab your copy below. Make a copy of this spreadsheet for your personal use:

Day 6: I want you to imagine an hourglass and how the sand runs through it so effortlessly. It’s soothing and calming and flows with ease because it knows its purpose and where it’s flowing – it has a clear direction, without distractions. The reason we’re getting so granular with our actions is because when we have such clarity, it allows us to move towards our goals, even when lots of other things are going on. Even when our brains feel tired. Even when we only have 10-15 minutes. That’s what a sand action is. It’s an action you can take inside of a 15-minute window to move the needle. When we hear the expression “Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.” it’s really very true. It’s our “mundane” everyday actions which lead us into our future and help us create our legacy. So today’s action is to line out all of your sand actions for next week’s rock. Yep – only next week’s for right now! You’ve got this!

Day 7: It’s time for our REST day. Let’s enjoy taking some time to replenish, recharge, and rest up for the week ahead. Whatever that looks like for you (for me it’s unplugging and getting away from a screen) – take time to simply BE. Practice gratitude. Go sit on a bench and people watch. Enjoy a good read. But no work for Inspiring Accountability today. Simply rest and we’ll be back on tomorrow!

Day 8: Now that we have a clear action plan in place, let’s make the most of it! A clear plan is useless if we don’t set aside time to actually implement it. Whether you’re using your Growth and Grace planner, a Google calendar, or a simple daily post-it note that tracks your key actions, be sure to SET TIME ASIDE FOR YOUR GRAVEL ACTIONS each day. I highly recommend that you set a specific block of time aside for it (i.e. 7-8am PST) and then stick to it. Putting it in your calendar and then bypassing it when that time rolls around isn’t going to move you forward. This will be a trial week to see if the times you chose work for you or not – we can always adjust along the way. The key is to get it into your daily schedule, and set a reminder alarm when it’s time to sit down and do it. More on that later 😉 For now, take the time to ensure that there’s time set aside for gravel actions each day.

Day 9: Ribbet Ribbet!! Mark Twain once said “If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And if it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.” A “frog” of course, being your tasks 😉 So, that said, we’re going to focus on laying out your tasks in the order in which you’re going to tackle them. Let’s start with the BIGGEST task on your list, and make sure that if nothing else, your most impactful task will be handled each day! So, take a look at your sand tasks for each day this week, and organize them from biggest frog to smallest.

Day 10: It’s officially our 10th day together (wow!!), and today’s focus is on alarms. Here’s the deal, it’s one thing to put a list together, and even better to actually plug those things into your calendar…but if you REALLY want to take things up a notch, SET ALARMS! You guys, I literally have alarms set to remind me to leave my home on time for events, as it’s wayyyyy too easy to get caught up and distracted, and I don’t like being late. There’s NO SHAME in this game. It’s effective. And it’s simple! So today’s task is to set alarms in your phone to remind you to: (1) begin your daily gravel actions, and (2) hydrate! All too often we get distracted from our priorities, and we forget to simply drink water – which unfortunately leads us to finding ourselves stressed, with a headache. So unnecessary! You’ve got the time set aside in your calendar for your gravel actions, so today we’re going to get those alarms set, to help ensure those priorities are accomplished!

Day 11: Here are some tips to help you stay in action, even when procrastination is trying to creep in. We’ve all been there 😉 No need to let it take us out though!

Day 12: This is your day to catch up on all of the actions we’ve taken so far. And if you’re already caught up, then use this day to get a few additional sand + gravel actions done! Ta Da!!

Day 13: Take a day to be intentional about taking care of yourself!! Even if it’s for 10 minutes and you have to lock yourself in a room somewhere! Here are just a few suggestions: go for a walk, get a manicure, take a soak in a bath, have a massage, read with a cup of tea Do something that’s *just* for you!!

Day 14: It’s time for our REST day. Let’s enjoy taking some time to replenish, recharge, and rest up for the week ahead. Whatever that looks like for you (for me it’s unplugging and getting away from a screen) – take time to simply BE. Practice gratitude. Go sit on a bench and people watch. Enjoy a good read. But no work for Inspiring Accountability today. Simply REST and we’ll be back on tomorrow!

Day 15: Today marks our half way point! Can you believe it?! As we’re continuing to focus on completing our daily sand actions, I’ve found that the Pomodoro Technique is extremely helpful! Without boring you on all the details, what it boils down to is simply setting a timer for a specific amount of time, and keeping your focus on strictly that singular sand action until that timer goes off. It entails eliminating distractions, and can be for times as little as 10 minutes. If your task is not complete when the timer goes off, simply set it again and get back to it. If you complete your action before the timer goes off, then you can either use that time for a brief break, or you can move to your next task. It’s an excellent (and simple) way to utilize small amounts of time throughout your day to move you closer to your goals! So take advantage of those small pockets by simply setting a timer and gettin’ after it!!

Day 16: For this portion of today’s actions, you’re simply going to ensure you have your list of boulders/rocks in front of you, and be thinking through (1) what can someone else handle for me (i.e. the tasks that don’t need your specific gifts/skillsets)? and (2) what would I like to delegate out to someone else and get off my plate? Then come back and watch the video to learn additional steps you can use in delegation to free up your time, your bandwidth, and your creative space!

Day 16 video: While I could do an entire course just on delegating, I do want to at least touch on it here and give you some context with which to build your impact! Here’s the video where we go into all the details touched on above

Day 16: Click on the image above to be able to download this PDF

Day 17: Focus on what you CAN control – Focusing on what you CAN control as far as setting timed goals (i.e. I can’t control whether all interviews for Abundant Wife will happen inside of one month because there are other people’s schedules in question. I CAN control how much outreach and follow-up I do though, and how flexible I am with my own schedule to accommodate. So my goals that I’m tracking would be outreach and follow-up vs. the actual interviews. This can take some adjusting to figure out your flow, and it certainly doesn’t just stop with me doing one follow-up and then pinning the delay on someone else because “they didn’t respond.” I will own my part 100% AND, I also get to set my actions up in a way that will support my growth.

Day 18: Small steps make big moves! It can be SO EASY to resign to our resistance, and I’m here to tell you, that it can be completely overcome …. when we have CLARITY! Resistance often rears its ugly head, and tries to prevent us from moving forward by keeping us in confusion. For instance, I can think of more than one occasion when I went to the gym (took the effort to get ready and get myself there!) only to end up having a really worthless workout because I didn’t have a plan. I wasn’t clear on what I was doing, so I was making it up as I went, and none of it was effective. I left feeling like I’d just wasted an hour. Same can happen with our regular activities throughout the day. When we have specific goals + clarity, we can way more easily tackle those actions. Going along with the gym analogy, imagine you have a super clear action plan laid out – i.e. the goal is to work on upper body, so you’re going to spend 5 minutes warming up on the treadmill with a light jog, then do 3 sets of each of the following exercises – 10 shoulder press with 15-lb dumbbells, 10 bench press with 20-lb dumbbells, 10 lat pull downs using 40 pounds resistance, 25 jumping jacks, and 10 bicep curls using 10-lb dumbbells. (While I can’t give any advice on what your fitness routine should look like, that’s a real example from my life that you’re welcome to use as inspiration.) When you have that much clarity, it can completely eliminate the “resistance” (i.e. confusion) that was trying to stop you. So, today’s action is to take another peek at your sand actions and make sure they are crystal clear (i.e. granular – hence the sand analogy). Update as necessary!

Day 19: As we go about our day, there are a million (approx.) things vying for our attention and the last thing we need is to have any additional energy drained with incomplete or “to be determined” items. The reason we do brain dumps, break our goals into such tangible actions, and take responsibility to commit to what we can control is to eliminate as many of these pesky energy drains as possible. One common energy drain that we’re going to address today is the dreaded “I’ll get to that someday” syndrome. Well, if WE don’t decide when “someday” is, then who will? If we’re genuinely committed to something, then we get to follow it through to completion, which includes deciding when it’s going to be complete. It sounds simple enough, and thankfully, it is! And while I understand that sometimes things come up which will throw a wrench in the plans, setting our actions up with SPECIFIC DEADLINES can be extremely supportive in reaching our goals! When I say “specific,” I mean it very literally! Commit to finishing task ABC by X time and Y time zone on Z date. It will look like this: I will have my workout complete by 3pm PDT on Friday, August 2, 2019. Notice that I put down the time it will be COMPLETE, and not the time I’ll be starting the action. Set your completion times and then you can work backwards to ensure you are setup to actually achieve it. Another huge benefit to this, aside from the clarity, is that it frees up your brain space. No more time wasted spinning on the “somedays” in your life. You could almost say that deadlines are the “life” at the end of the tunnel 😉 Today’s action is to make sure that the actions you’ve lined out in your planner are each set with specific deadlines!

Day 20: This is your day to catch up on all of the actions we’ve taken so far. And if you’re already caught up, then use this day to get a few additional sand + gravel actions done! Ta Da!!

Day 21: It’s time for our REST day. Let’s enjoy taking some time to replenish, recharge, and rest up for the week ahead. Whatever that looks like for you (for me it’s unplugging and getting away from a screen) – take time to simply BE. Practice gratitude. Go sit on a bench and people watch. Enjoy a good read. But no work for Inspiring Accountability today. Simply rest and we’ll be back on tomorrow!

Day 22: As we all know, it’s super easy to talk ourselves OUT of doing the exact things which will move us forward. (Side note – Why do we do that to ourselves?!) The purpose of having an accountability buddy is to keep us on track, and to hold us to our word. Today’s action is to find an accountability buddy who will meet with you regularly, encourage you, and help you overcome obstacles that may be standing in your way. You will share your goals with them, AND the specific actions you’re going to take to get yourself there, and you can be doing the same for them. I want you to have someone lined up after Inspiring Accountability ends. I do enjoy offering customized success and accountability coaching (you’ve been getting a glimpse of this in the group) – if that’s something you’re wanting to explore with me, just send me a quick note and I’ll be in touch so we can see what that would look like for you! This is going to be KEY in keeping you moving forward. “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

It’s already Day 23, and today I want to share something with you that’s helpful for me to look at – it keeps me on top of my priorities! While your ideal day outline may not look exactly like this, allow this to inspire you to create your own daily checklist. Today’s Action: Outline YOUR ideal day and keep track of the items you for sure want to accomplish each day! You can download the checklist by clicking on the above image – some of the items are linked for easy access!

Day 24: Sometimes, to get perspective, I put myself in someone else’s shoes. As my own boss, I annoy myself sometimes because I can easily just drive myself hard for wayyyyy too long, and then I can start building resentment. To bring myself back to reality, and to help me get through those times, I like to look from an outsider’s perspective and think “if I were to work for Susan, what would I say about her to others? Is she a supportive boss? Does she care about me? Does she want me to succeed?” and it immediately puts things into perspective for me! And, full transparency, there are plenty of ways I can improve in. So today’s action is to do the same thing. If you were to look at how you lead yourself, would you give yourself credit for being excellent, or would you say there’s room for improvement? If you feel there is room for improvement, what are some of the things you’re going to shift moving forward?

Day 25: Multi-tasking DOES NOT WORK! There. I said it. Now, hear me out – there are absolutely ways to structure your actions such that multiple ones are getting done in the same overlapping time frame. However, trying to work on a bunch of different projects at the same time isn’t effective. It gives everything only partial attention, details get missed, and nothing moves forward with the intention that it could if it were your sole focus. I want you to imagine that you have a lit match. Now, imagine each of your tasks as a brand new candle (i.e. the wick has never been lit before). If you were to take that match (your energy) and just barely touch it to the wick and then quickly move to the next one, you’re wasting its energy, because the match (your energy) is continuing to extinguish (and you’re possibly causing it to go out by moving it too quickly) AND it didn’t light the wick (multi-tasking). However, if you take just a brief extra moment to ensure that the wick is lit, you can move onto the next candle and light it as well, and likely several others before the match goes out. This concentrated focus will allow you to light the maximum number of candles (effectively) without accidentally snuffing out your match. Focus on ONE thing at a time! Today’s action is to simply make sure that you’re focusing on ONLY ONE THING!! And if you find yourself trying to light multiple candles at once, take a breath, put intentional focus on ONE of those things, complete it, and then move to the next one! Trust me, it’s possible! You’ve got this!

Day 26: Girl. Focus up. Focus on what YOU are up to. Someone else’s success does not equal your failure. Allow yourself to admire what others are up to! If you find yourself starting to feel jealous (hey – it gets all of us!), choose to look at it from the perspective of “Wow! I really admire what they’ve created. I wonder what steps I could take to move myself in that direction?” and then take a step closer to that … as long as it doesn’t detract from who you are or have you feeling like you should be more like that person to be accepted/loved, because you are very much loved as who you are right now! “Each of you must examine your own actions. Then you can be proud of your own accomplishments without comparing yourself to others. Assume your own responsibility.” ~Galatians 6:4-5

Day 27: If you had me, a success and accountability coach, right there with you throughout your day, would any of your actions change? What would you start or stop doing to better support you reaching your goals? Remember, if you’re interested in what it would look like to actually have me in your back pocket like that – checking in on you and helping guide your productive actions – reach out to me! I’d love to have a conversation with you and explore that together!

Day 28: It’s time for our REST day. Let’s enjoy taking some time to replenish, recharge, and rest up for the week ahead. Whatever that looks like for you (for me it’s unplugging and getting away from a screen) – take time to simply BE. Practice gratitude. Go sit on a bench and people watch. Enjoy a good read. But no work for Inspiring Accountability today. Simply rest and we’ll be back on tomorrow!

Day 29: One. Day. Left. Your move. It’s totally up to you how you want to continue with this. You’ve got the intelligence. You’ve got the tools. How do you want to move forward? Today’s ACTION is to line up your next 30 days. It would be my honor to get to be part of that time with you (and beyond) to keep you on track with your Mountain goal! We can absolutely continue partnering together. If you want to explore that, it’s your move 😉

Day 30: Even if you may not have felt like you participated every single day, you still get to take credit for how you did participate! While today is technically our final day together, keep scrollin’. We’ll still have a few bonus days together, so now’s the time to get things wrapped up in excellence before more time goes by!!

Full Recap: Here is the full list of what we worked on together in our 30 days! They’re all listed in order on this page, so simply scroll up to whichever day you’d like to revisit!

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It was my joy and honor to serve you in Inspiring Accountability!